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Limited lifetime warranty and
unconditional money-back guarantee

The Death Valley Cable Company offers a limited lifetime guarantee on all our cables to the original purchaser. By limited, we mean that we will replace the cable at our discretion as long as the cable has not been mistreated and has failed during Baldwin Burns Jazznormal use.

In the extremely unlikely event that your cable develops issues, we want to see it so we can take steps to prevent similar issues in future cables. So send it back to us!

To do so, first e-mail us so we can give you an RMA number and an address to send the cable. Sorry, we do not accept return merchandise without an RMA, so make sure you get one. Guarantee does not include postage from the customer, but we will pay postage to ship a new one back to you, if we decide the cable has failed from normal wear and tear.

To prolong the life of your cable, please read Care and Feeding of your Death Valley Cable.

Also, always unplug the cable by pulling on either metal plug. No guitar cable on the planet is designed to be unplugged by jerking on the cord. Unplugging your cable from the guitar or amp by jerking on the cable will eventually cause the cable to fail prematurely.

Actions that void the warranty
There are several reasons for cable failure that are not covered by the warranty or conditionally covered by the warranty, and they basically boil down to common sense. If the cable shows obvious signs of mistreatment, it voids the warranty.

What are obvious signs of mistreatment?

Fire and dragging the cable behind a car are examples. A melted mess of a cable that semi-survived a house fire is NOT normal use. Another customer drove the 350 miles to Mammoth Mountain, Calif., with five feet of the cable hanging out the door and dragging on the pavement for the entire trip. Or your dog eating the cable (really happened). That is not normal use.

Also not normal use is a cable returned to us cut in half or pulled in half by who-knows-what means. A cable with a plug pulled off is not normal use. It would take superhuman strength to pull a plug off a cable.

Look, we are NOT trying to avoid warranty replacement by limiting warranty claims to normal use. We're really lenient about warranty replacement. We just have to protect ourselves from crazy people who do stuff like barbecue a cable to see what happens and then want a new cable to replace the barbecued cable (another true story).

Money-back guarantee
Death Valley Cable Company also offers a money-back guarantee if you buy a cable and then take complete leave of your senses and don't want to keep it. If you return it to us within seven days of purchase in new unused condition, we will cheerfully refund your money.
(We do not cover postage for you returning the cable to us, nor can we refund your original postage.)

Once again, you will need an RMA number. So please contact us if you have gone barking mad and want to return a cable because it's not the best cable you have ever used. You're obviously mentally deranged if you don't like our cables, so we don't want to take advantage of the insane. PLEASE take the refund and seek medical help.

However, we think that we're fair in not accepting any more orders from you.

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