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Reviewers give Death Valley Cables a big
thumbs up for quality, sound and price

The reviews are in: Musicians have lots of good things to say about Death Valley Cable Company guitar cords.

Here are some ACTUAL comments from our biggest fans, our customers. (If you have a comment you'd like to see in this section, e-mail it to us!) [updated 08-31-16]

Thought I'd volunteer a testamonial ...

Been using the same set of DVCC cables for a good 5 years now. No failures; just as good as the day I got them.

I've used pricier "boutique" brands, ended up replacing them so often under warranty that I was losing money just on postage. These are every bit as good — no "mid focus" (I.E. what some brands call high end and low end rolloff) — just full range crisp highs and a full low end. What goes to the amp is what you put into it, PERIOD.

I use them for guitar and bass. I'm starting to wonder how you stay in business with cables that don't fail.

Thank you so much!

Jules Alcouffe
Razorblade Monalisa
The Tulpa Effect

Short story for you: I recently got a new amp, and I took it to a rehearsal that night.  To my dismay, it was shorting out, and I was bummed! ... I made it through the rehearsal, but e-mailed the amp builder immediately.

He immediately wrote back: "Dude, those two cables are bad!  There's nothing wrong with the amp input."

I just need to throw all my non-DVCC cables away in the trash!

— MY
Ogden, Utah

I just want to tell you how pleased I am with your service. Super fast and exactly how I wanted my cables. Lightning fast shipping. Perfect ... And made in the USA, which is very important.

Keep doing what you do. And any time I see anyone needed new cables, I'll send them your way.

— SC
Saratoga Springs, NY

To say I was skeptical about [about DVCC cables] is understated. But my old ones were breaking down and I needed to upgrade. I like to support small businesses and am all about "Made in USA."

After reading many reviews, I went with your cables, and from the moment I powered up I couldn't believe the difference. I don't have any test equipment but I can hear a much more full and balanced signal, which for these older battered ears is quite an accomplishment. You made me a believer.

Good luck and I'll certainly be spreading the gospel about your cables.

— AF
Binghamton, NY

VERY pleased with my 20-foot cord. Thought  I'd grab a couple shorties for practice setup.

Going to start giving these as gifts to fellow musician friends. They have excellent sound and a nice, supple "lay."

— MH
Viroqua, WI

I have several DVCC cables, and they work wonderfully.

 I recently purchased a "cool, new" cable from another "cool, new" company; the cable took longer than they said to receive, and the customer service was lousy (since they actually sent me the wrong cable, and then claimed I had made a mistake, even though their invoice did not match the cable!)

The cable, however, looked and sounded fine, and I've used it with my jazz group at several rehearsals.  I "baby" my gear, so everything I own is in excellent condition.  Well, this "new, cool" cable is crackling already!!  I've tested it with different cables/guitars/amps, and it's definitely the cable that's making noise!

Given the lousy service I had, I don't even feel like contacting them.  I have some DVCC's that are several years old, and still working perfectly!  So, thanks for making a high-quality product, and doing good business -- I'll stick with DVCC!

— Marc Ybaben
The Marc Why Group

I can't believe how long these cables have lasted … We used to buy cables like once or twice a year.  

Four players with two amps each; that's a lot of cables.  Your cables honestly give me one less thing to worry about during the show. 

Thank you for making such great and reliable cables.

— Joe Cannetti
Brand New

I am a returning customer … DVCC [cables] to my mind and ears [are] the best.

Whenever I require excellence, I know where to go because my sound is important to me, and obviously to you as well.

I look forward to future purchases.

Keep up the good work and many thanks!

— ML
Woodend, Australia

After needing some new cables I did my homework and decided to go with the facts, not the hype!

I ordered 3 new cables on a Thursday evening and they were sitting in my mailbox the following Monday.

I have to say my new Death Valley cables are dead quiet and sound great! I compared them to my [high-end] cables I'd been using and there's no comparison......Death Valley 10, [high-end cables] 0!

Hats off to the fine folks at Death Valley Cables! You won't find a better cable for the price!

— TN
Amarillio, TX

Buying my second one now. My XXXX [cable] crapped out ... And -- hey -- it just didn't have the full response as yours! So I am determined only to use your cables from now on! Thanks for all that you do!

— SM
Woodland Hills, CA

I just want to express my gratitude.

Besides making the best guitar cables in the world, you got my guitar cable to me within a couple of days. I didn't expect to get it that fast. So it was a very nice surprise. Your fast shipping is a major plus.

And of course, the cable made my rig sound better. It really is amazing. Guitar cables do make a difference in how good, or bad, a rig can sound. All I know is, your cables make my rig sound awesome!

I'm just so impressed with you guys. Your product is top notch. And your customer service is phenomenal. Consider me a customer for life!

Thank you again.

— AP
Lynn, MA

It’s nice to see a manufacturer who takes pride in their work and has something genuinely useful to bring to the table ... I’ve been recording with these cables during summer for my own music and to make sound samples for the Effectrode website. The cables are electrically very quiet, which is down to a semi-conductive layer between the inner core’s jacket and the spiral wrapped copper shield.

... As well as being quiet, there’s something I like about the sound of these cables. They’re clear, full and well balanced in comparison to my *** cables with the *** jacks — which have been my reference for almost 30 years. This may because the DVCC cables are lower noise and there is less loss of high frequencies.

... Also, it’s worth highlighting that just knowing these cables are made by a reputable and knowledgable manufacturer, such as DVCC, gives me peace of mind and (more importantly) I like what I hear in them — they’ve now become a permanent part of my recording set-up.

— Phil Taylor
Effectrode Audioplhile Pedals
Staffordshire, UK

I just bought your 8-foot studio cable ... Came here like lightning. I opened up the priority box and thought ... let's put it to the test.

Plugged it into my Tone King and Fano (P90 and single coil in the bridge) and holy toledo!  It was quiet, nothing like the other brands (some expensive too). I was a believer.

Then I jammed. I could actually hear more clarity and sustain. I did not believe my ears, so I recorded the DVCC cable and another. There was a difference.

I am sold.  I know I have found my guitar cable guy. Will refer you often to other musos.

Thanks heaps. (Also loved your "Care and Feeding" and your website.)

Rock on,

— SM
New York, NY

I bought my Death Valley Cables at least 7 years ago. They've been everywhere with me, small and large stages,.. and NEVER a problem, and they sound GREAT!

They're always easy to roll -- winter, and summer -- and easy to clean? Ever try to clean one of those woven-wrapped things?

From bar gigs in Bishop, Lone Pine and Ridgecrest, to blues fests, like The Waterfront Blues Festival, in Portland OR. And The Mammoth Festival of Beers (Bluesapaloosa).

Did I mention they sound GREAT? Made In the U.S.A. — any length you want, with any plug AND money-back guarantee.... Can't beat 'em with a stick. These would be cheap at twice the price.

— Walter Herleman
Howlin Dogma
Owens Valley, CA

I received my 10-foot cable yesterday. Just wanted to say thank you for making a great product.

Your cable seems to provide much more clarity than the [famous brand-name] cable I had been using, and I am beyond happy with the purchase.

Any time I need a cable, I will be coming to you guys.

— MM
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Thanks for the fast shipping; more than fair price; awesome quality, and best of all — your fun and informative website! I love the sense of humor and no BS style!

Cables sound amazing ... No more cable crosstalk or noise, and far more clarity!

— JS
Virginia Beach, VA

I've a feeling of much sound power and of better effects. All sounds are more clean and defined!

It seems my Stratocaster has come out  from the garage to go into a cathedral.

It's unbelievable: So big a difference in just a cable!

— LC
Milano, Italy

The claim that these cables last is not true. I've bought ... two cables several months ago, and already I have to replace them.

My friends take them, and don't want to give them back!!! .... So this time I just ordered four more.

— TG
El Dorado Hills, CA

Just got the second set of cables I ordered from you guys with lightning speed. I wanted to say thanks for being so quick and making such a great product!

Hollywood, FL

I had the good pleasure of receiving two more of your great cables as a Christmas gift.

The quality continues to amaze me, especially in this day and age.

Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoy your product.

— RD
Preston, CT

Wish I would have found this company years ago.

I recently purchased a 2nd cable and will continue to keep coming back simply because of the quality and customer care that goes into every order.

Tried both methods (ebay and website) and neither sacrificed quality or time on my order. Always arrived in a couple days which means this company cares enough to work on the order same day.

These cables are worth every dollar. I've always said you get what you pay for and with this company you get more in return! Would gladly pay more, but I am grateful not having to.

Thank you so much!

— DP
Sylmar, CA

 Hearing is believing! Your guitar cables are absolutely remarkable! I would never have thought they could make such a difference in the sound of my electric guitars.

The clarity of sound. NO NOISE! How wonderful. Keep up the great work. I will be back to purchase more of your fantastic product. Quality is first rate. Great job!

— RD
U.S. Navy

 I decided to give Death Valley Cables a try after doing some research online for custom instrument cables. I read their whole web site. Really!!! Was fun to see the humor and passion they have for their product.

Once I received my cables I knew the quality was no joke — very clear, noise-free, quality looking cables. The customer service is top-notch, caring with a touch of humor.

Highly recommended.

— Joe Jaeger

I just got a 20-foot cable from your company and am very impressed. I have sought to get better color, sustain, and touch sensitivity out of my PRS-modded Rivera Fender Concert amp rig and your cable gets me there in spades!

I spend thousands on pedals and stuff seeking that holy grail tone and feel with my instruments only to feel poorly that I spent I spent the money there and not getting the satisfaction I desired.

— VL
Ontario, Canada

I was very impressed with the speed of your responses to my emails.  I was also really impressed with how quickly I received my order... much quicker than I was expecting.

But most importantly — apart from the obvious high level of build quality — I love how they sound!  I thought I was using fairly high quality cables already, but yours have made a tremendous difference in my sound.  It's now so much clearer!

Thank you for the great cables.

— Greg Droman
Nashville producer
Nashville, TN

These are the Rolls Royce of instrument cables.

I am pleased that Death Valley can make these in any custom length; the soldered plug connections are rock solid and even incredibly beautiful.

All my electric violin cables are now Death Valley, connecting to my amps and to my DAW, and the sound is clean and perfect. I appreciate the fact that I have one less thing to worry about when I perform. Death Valley Cables have never let me down.

— Chris Vitas
Keltik Kharma Music and President, KharmaDesign LLC, creators of the iKnob Analog Volume Control

An excellent product which noticeably increased the clarity and overall sound quality of my guitar. 

— TO
Dillsburg, PA

Got my 30 foot cable in the mail today which only took 3 days! Opened it up played a couple of riffs on my cheap [famous-brand] cable. Then I plugged this bad boy in. I noticed an immediate improvement in tone and clarity. This cable is tough and durable and is a great value!

Death Valley Cable Company is the world's best guitar cable! Buy now you won't be disaapointed!

Did I forget the mention the fast response to e-mails and kindness and lifetime warranty!

— Oscar G.
Kissimmee, FL

I got the cables today and had about 10 minutes to audition them. First impression? NO snake oil, no BS. I truly can hear a difference with these old ears that have been doing this professionally for 40 years. There's no question that there's more harmonic integrity as I strum across a clean chord ... great tonality! I'm going to be over in Europe touring later this year ... Let them all eat their hearts out when they see my Death Valley cables gracing the stage!!

Rob Espinosa
It's a Beautiful Day

Ah, DVCCs incomparable cables. The best: No BS, period! Master craftsmanship and top components, backed by an unstinting commitment to highest quality at price incredibly most fair. Put 'em in my signal path and pure bliss ... The richest, balanced sound for tone with a capital "T." Diggin it!

— Jonathan Auerbach

First, THANK YOU for such incredible service. I live clear on the other side of the country; ordered my cable on Friday, and it arrived Monday. I didn't think service like that existed anymore. By way of example, I ordered another item from a different seller at just about the same time as I ordered my DVCC cable. The information regarding that item reflects that it has yet to be sent.  So kudos for such swift service.

Second, the quality of the cable is exactly as you noted it would be, and I'm very happy that I took the plunge based on your description.  I stumbled onto your ebay page and am pretty happy about that click of the mouse.  Based on what I've heard and seen so far, I'll be ordering a few more (when I have some more spare shekels).

Third, how do you know how badly a tire burning in the bathroom would stink up a house?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks again,

A very happy brand spanking new DVCC cable owner

— AA
Ithaca, NY

 Just received my cables in the mail today -- Thursday!! -- after placing the order over the weekend. Thursday?? Your ordering process is as easy as it gets, and did I mention we went from order to play in four days? Thank you very much.

While I don't need cables very often, and probably less so now, I will recommend your cables to others.

Sacramento, CA

Just got the cables a day ago. Tried them out today, great cables. Well made. Tight fit on all three of my Les Pauls — all Pauls from different time eras.

Great job. Will definately order again.

— AP

Received my new DV cables last week. Don't usually formulate strong opinions about products until after the honeymoon, but these cables make such a remarkable difference in tone that the verdict has been rendered.

I fear that I've wasted many hours tweaking guitars, pickup and amps — only to find out  that my cables were the cause of some of my poor tone. I ordered 3 cables, and wish I would have bought more.

They are brighter sounding than what I am used to, and the clarity and tightness on the wound strings is unbelievable!

I was surprise at the diameter of the DV cables, smaller than expected (size does matter, doesn't it?). But you are the cable experts.

If they are as durable as promised, I am a happy camper.

Greg H.
"Just a regular guy"

I have a few points to make about Death Valley cables and the boys down there. The service was first rate all the way. The cables sound great.

I use two great amps made by Cory Davies and nine pedals ... I replaced my cables (big name cables) with the DVs.

When you use these cables, you'll notice the expanded frequency response right away. But where I found the biggest improvement was the presence and clarity on the wound strings. The unwound strings ring nicely as well, but the bottom got WAY better. Also, I am hearing and feeling a vast improvement in the overall sound and response of my pedals. I use all "boutique" pedals, and they sound great. But the sound they produce with the Death Valley cables is on another level.

Any DV cable you put in your chain will be an improvement, but you'll get knocked over if you change everything in your setup with the DV cables.

Thanks again.

Bob Hall
Nelson, BC, Canada

I've had mine for over a year and they've taken all the abuse that live gigs can dish out with ZERO problems. They're tough and have a full balanced response that let you sound your best.
Ted Hawkes
lead guitar, Blues Fire;
Gloucester, Mass

The highs are higher, and the lows are lower.
Ralph Carter
hit songwriter, arranger,
producer; Malibu, Calif.

This thing kicks serious twangin' butt on a Tele! The usual hum on the bridge pickup is reduced to at least half. How the heck did you do that?
Fred Fredley
Garden Grove, Calif.

I just ordered a new replacement cable from you guys (last one was lost at a gig), and I wanted to extend my appreciation for your cables. My first pair of cables from you guys have given me over a year of solid performance through many gigs and a tour and are the best sounding that I've used.

I don't think about cables a lot, but when I had to replace one I knew exactly where I was going to go. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work, I'll be looking to you guys next time I have to get a replacement.

Grand Forks, ND

When I crank my Hiwatt to 11, there is definitely less noise with one of these cables. Just awesome.
Harry Bartlett
Waitsfield, VT

Just received my cable today, so I immediately tried it ... what a great cable!

I've believed that cables make a difference for many years now. In fact, seven or eight years ago, I did my own informal shootout with cable [brands] like V, X, Y, and Z. I picked the X brand at the time because of their clarity, but the bad side is that they are very bright and thin sounding. A couple of weeks ago, I started shopping around for new cables because I thought that there must be something better out there at a reasonable price.

Knowing that X brand are (in)famous for their low capacitance, I wasn't necessarily interested in the high-end, low capacitance cables because I didn't want another set of ice picks! After reviewing many of the gear forums, I was stll not sure which direction to take, but then I stumbled upon DVCC.

I have to admit that I originally chose DVCC because you are actually a California-based company, and I wanted the cables quickly. Regardless of my reasoning, I made the right choice!

I did a quick A-B test with my X brand and all it took was one chord to hear the difference. The DVCC cable has the clarity of the X brand, but with a more full, balanced, warm sound. I play bass and guitar, and it sounds great with both.

Thanks again. I'm sure that you will be receiving another order from me in the near future.

San Dimas, CA

I can't express enough just how pleased I am with these cables. The change in dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio was apparent from the first chord.

Where I really noticed it was on my bass. I could go from whisper quiet, to hitting the strings as hard as I could, and the cable translated it all in rich detail with NO NOISE. My last brand-name-supposedly-high-end cable had more noise, less dynamics, and COST MORE.

You folks have a customer for life, and I hope that you are in business for many many eons to come!!

— SS
Arlington Heights, IL

I am extremely pleased with the 14-foot guitar cable I recently purchased. The quality is absolutely top notch, and I think you do indeed make the best cables.

I was afraid of losing tone by going past 10 feet in length, but the 14 foot [cable] shows no evidence of tone loss.

I like the fact that you offer highest grade plugs with nickel plating as an option.

I thank you for a great product!

P.S. My '59 LP thanks you as well :)

Reno, NV

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how very happy I am with the guitar cable I bought from you recently.  I must admit, I was a sceptic about whether a guitar cable could really make that much of a difference to tone to even be enough to notice. 

After playing through your cable for just a few seconds, I was no longer a sceptic.  I immediately noticed a HUGE difference in warmth, tone, definition, clarity....over my old cable.  It just goes to show that a quality, handmade product with quality components can make a really big difference.  I think those copper plugs really have a big impact.

Your cable is inspiring me and my playing to new levels.  I am so glad I discovered your product.

Thank you!

— MC
Crick, UK

My new 15 ft cable ... is absolutely great; wonderfully clear sound that you'd expect out of a very high quality cable. But it also has great looks, and is very pliable — it's not like having to wrestle a 15 ft boa consticter! I'll definitley be ordering some more of these fine cables.

Oh, and your shipping - the absolute fastest shipping I think I have ever experienced.

You guys do a geat job, and I'll certainly be telling my friends.

— Michael M.
Birmingham, AL 

I just received the 6 foot cord I bought to record with. I have recorded a couple tracks both with my regular ten footer and your six .... I was surprised at how much the notes are articulated, jump out and don't feel squashed using the Death Valley Cable.

Thank you for the fast delivery as well.

Excellent product and you have a customer for life!

— JA
Clearwater, FL

Needless to say my old cable went straight in the bin [after receiving my new DVCC cable]!

Of course, I tried your 'slap' test, but the real clincher was how your cable reacted to even the noisiest tone that my Pod XT could muster — quiet as the proverbial mouse. Many thanks for making noise-free recordings so much easier.

I shall tell my friends!


I would like to thank ya'll for making such wonderful cables.

I bought a couple of cables last year to see if I could actually hear a difference. Guess what? I really could hear the difference. (DUH). So I decided to replace my entire rack and pedal board with DVCC cables (gold plugs).

I got my last cables a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe the clarity and definition with all DVCC cables. Thanks a million.

— FJ
via e-mail

Thanks for the quality cables.  I have been using them almost every night since I received them and have only good things to say about them.  I live near an Air Force base  and I used to always get radio traffic through my amp, this has gone away with your cables.  I used [Brand X] cables before this and your cables are quieter and have NO handling noise when the $50 dollar [Brand X] cable rattled every time it was moved.

Crestview, FL

You guys are amazing! The cable was delivered today, which feels like it arrived practically before I ordered it! It sounds superb, too! Thanks for terrific service and a terrific product!

— PL
Great Neck, NY

I received my new Death Valley Cables yesterday and promptly plugged it into my rig (Fender Strat into a Line 6 X3 Live into a QSC K12 powered speaker).  What a difference!  The sound just came alive as I've never heard before (I've been playing and performing for over 40 years).  I had no idea high-quality cables would make this much difference.  I heard harmonics and sustain like I had never heard before on any guitar rig!  I am a huge convert to your product and have referred all of my guitar-playing buddies...Thanks.

Smithfield, VA

Was a bit skeptical at first but IT'S THE BEST CABLE I HAVE EVER BOUGHT. No lie!

eBay customer

Wow! Your guitar cables made more difference than I thought possible. They have a great balance from bass to treble, very natural and clear. They make my guitar sound great. I have some expensive cables like [two VERY expensive guitar cable brands]. I will sell all tomorrow. Thank you for your great product and very great service. They arrived here very quickly.

Bangkok, Thailand

These are made to order! Opened a jack to check it. Wow! My name was on the wrap!

Honolulu, Hawaii

My cable arrived yesterday, just as I was loading the truck for a fancy-pants tuxedo dinner dance gig. I took the box with me, and without trying it out, hooked it up, and got the clearest, cleanest sound I could have imagined! Such a noticable difference!

I play a reissue DeAngelico New Yorker with Optima 24K gold strings, Raezer's Edge cab and Acoustic Image Clarus II head,

Your cable is the finishing piece to an unreal sound.

Chicago, IL

I'm a psychologist by day, so I'm sensitive to "placebo effects," and how our expectations can alter our experiences ... The DVCC cable ... is actually "clearer" somehow. Chords were warm and wonderful. Thanks for a great cable. I will be ordering another 10 foot and a one-foot patch cable next week.

Garden Grove, Calif.

Just wanted to drop a line to say that I ordered a cable (my third) from you on Sunday the 1st and it made it from California to South Carolina today. . .ON THE 4th!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT? YOU GUYS ARE SIMPLY BADASS!!!

You consistently exceed my expecations and help me make my music even better every time I order another cable.

Put this on your board: I've sold my [big name guitar cable] and my [expensive guitar cable] is now for sale. I've been playing for twenty-seven years this spring and NO OTHER CABLE COMPARES TO WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR SHOP. PERIOD.

West Columbia, SC

Received the cable today, and WOW!! what a diffference!! It greatly reduced the hum coming from my Tele, and it sounded more crisper, and clearer without sounding thin or brittle.  Great cable!!

I know I shouldn't say this, but you can sell it for more $$ because it's worth it. People should take note, I have used $75, and $100 cables and I can honestly say that this cable is comparable, if not better.  Thanks, and I'll be ordering again soon.

Toronto, Canada

Got your DVCC cables about an hour ago and immediately AB ’d them with my [XYZ brand] cables. Fantastic.

Pulled out my 56’ and 62’ strats and my Carr Rambler and went to town.

I saw what I was missing right away. A louder, cleaner, fuller and harmonically rich cable. The highs are sweet and not icepicky like the [XYZ brand] cables.

I’ll be using them tonight and tomorrow at my outdoor gigs. I’m a DVCC guy forever. Thanks for the super quick shipping. Well appreciated. I don’t have to worry about my veins to my equipment anymore!

New York City.

Really, the world's best guitar cable !!

I just received your five-meter cable this morning. I tested it with an ESP Custom Shop (EMG pickups), an ESP Strat with Antiquity pickups and a Les Paul on a Cornford Head.

I compared the cable with a [expensive cable brand], which has a very good reputation on the market.

The result ...Your cable has more headroom, more complexity in the mid/high range. It's just a little more “open.”

The [expensive cable brand] is “muddier,” maybe a little less rich and clear (because of the lack of headroom compared to the DV cable). I would say the dynamics are very close.

Physically [build quality] ... there is no difference in the end.

Finally, this cable is better than the [other cable] for half the price!

You guys make really good cables ... and I’m happy to be one of your customers :)

Paris, France

Can't say enough about this cable! Fantastic! Great transaction! Recommended! A+
eBay customer

A Death Valley Cable is my secret weapon in the studio. No more lost high frequencies. Thank you!'
Ellis D., Felix
Fountain Valley, Calif.

I've had decent cables in the past, most being [XYZ brand] cables and [ABC brand] cables, but after I bought a Death Valley Cable, I couldn't believe the difference.

I play through a Divided by 13 EDT 13/29 and PJ, and with my previous cables I was picking up every radio station and wave of intermittent noise in the Greater Boston area.

After my 20 ft. Death Valley cable arrived in the mail, I swapped out one of my [XYZ brand] cables with it, and much to my amazement, the noise was gone. Completely.

I use a tele with a Lollar Special in the bridge (fairly hot single coil), and I can crank both my PJ and my EDT and get hardly any noise. It also seems to have a more defined bass response and overall enhanced clarity.

Great cables for excellent money .... Give em a try.

Satisfied customer


I am going to join the forces for Death Valley Cable Company. Here's the difference: most companies try to BS you with some jargon and snake oil that makes their cables better, whereas Death Valley simply uses the best possible parts and instead tries to sell their product on the merits of their great construction.

You don't see that anymore, and the warranty is great. I had more expensive cables in the past, and this is by far the best cable I've used at a fraction of the cost. Great customer support, incredible price, incredible value. There's seriously no downside. Get one!

Another satisfied customer

Sound Quality: 10
Lets all the power flow. Strong signal. You'll need to adjust your amp because with a lesser cable you're probably pushing the amp to get your sound. with a cable like this, what's been missing in your signal will now show up. if you like big, clean, and clear, try one. You'll think you're using a boost because all the electricity now gets there for you.

Reliability: 10
He backs up his stuff. Don't abuse it. Treat it like you'd treat your guitar.

Customer Support: 10
Quick with emails. his description is not BS. He's using top components. Strong jacks, soldering, and choice of cable. I plugged in and it all flowed. Check out his stuff on ebay or his site.

Overall Rating : 10
I have an [XYZ brand] cable, and it is good. Death Valley Cable is right there for a bit less in price, not quality. Wish i knew of them sooner, I would have saved several hundred bucks on cables. I'll get a few more just because I can. The cable is an effect in your tone chain. it has stronger jacks and connections than [ABC brand] cables. 42.00 bucks with shipping — about 11-12 bucks cheaper than [XYZ brand] cables after tax.

Harmony Central review of Death
Valley 20-foot cable

Sound Quality:
I play a Gibson SG into a Ampeg VL-1001. I've been using [well-known cable brand] for years, I am now changing though. My [XYZ brand] cable sounds muffled compared to this cable. Sounds better than some others I've compared with like [ABC brand] cables and [DEF brand] cables, and a lot less expensive. I'm able to get all the highs and lows in my sound like they should be.
Harmony Central review of Death
Valley 15-foot cable

Lots more comments on the web
And there's lots more where these came from.

Just use Google or Yahoo and look for Death Valley Cables or Death Valley Cable Company. Yes, we end up being mentioned on a weird site or two, but we have no control over what people have to say about us, or who links to this web site.

Almost without exception, people have amazing things to say about how our cables' sound and their incredible value when compared to other boutique cables costing three or four times more. Also check our ebay feedback.

Thank you!
Before we go any further, we need to thank the customers who put rave reviews about out cables on forums and into blogs. We're tremendously honored when we get an e-mail or two from customers saying a Death Valley Cable has improved their guitar sound.

Now we also owe our growing success to customers who take time out of their busy schedules to recommend our cables on guitar-equipment review sites and to review them on bulletin boards.

We're a tiny company up against HUGE cable manufacturers, but hardly a day goes by without another positive review appearing somewhere else on the web. We can't thank our customers enough for this.

Our prices have DROPPED!
Believe it or not, this exposure has helped us provide you the same product for less! Because our customer base has grown, it has allowed us to buy larger quantities of cable and plugs. Because we buy more, we get bigger discounts.

Unlike other companies who pocket this newfound wealth, our increased buying power has allowed us to actually lower our costs to you! While other companies are raising their prices, we have actually been able to drop ours. Despite gas prices, a nasty economy, sky-rocketing postal rates and other rising costs, we have not only dropped our prices but intend to hold those prices as long as possible as a thank you to our loyal customers.

This may sound like some BS public-relations spin, but it's the truth. The economy is hurting everyone these days and musicians are pinching pennies just like everyone else. No matter how good our cables are, we realize times are tough, and we need to keep our cables affordable to grow.

Once again, thanks to everyone who have helped Death Valley Cables grow from a small business to a VERY BUSY small business. We need to pay the bills just like everyone else, and we couldn't do it without your endorsements and continued patronage.


Have a comment? E-mail it to us. If it's G-rated and generally says how great our cables are, we'll use the quote, and you will receive the incredible notoriety of having your name printed here for millions of famous musicians to see.

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