30 foot Death Valley guitar cable with nickel plated plugs, one straight and one angled.
Handmade with the finest materials:
Death Valley 30 foot guitar cable
Length: Plug plating: 1/4-inch plug types:
30 feet Nickel
1 straight plug and 1 angle plug

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Thousands of customers say they hear the difference:

Death Valley Cables earned the title of "world's best guitar cable" with their trademark crystal-clear, high-def throughput. The reviews are in: A handmade Death Valley Guitar Cable is the Hear what you've been missing with a Death Valley Cablemust-have cable for any guitarist or bassist who wants the best sound possible in the studio or on stage.

The unmistakable full-frequency response comes from painstaking manufacturing techniques and using the best materials on the planet — including hand-insulated wires in the plug housings and pure copper cores in the plugs. Nothing maintains signal quality like pure copper, and NOTHING sounds like a Death Valley Cable. Buy one today — hear the difference for yourself:

  • Completely handmade to order; no automated machines used.
  • The only cable with hand-insulated wires in the plug housings.
  • G & H Show-Saver plugs: the ONLY plugs with SOLID copper cores, which conduct a signal better than gold, steel, brass and every "secret" alloy on the planet PERIOD.
  • 20 AWG custom CBI stranded 99.90-percent-pure copper cable.
  • Assembled in the U.S. with 100-percent U.S. parts.
  • Lifetime limited warranty; money back, no-questions-asked 100-percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Any length from six inches to 500 feet with any plug combo you want.
  • One nickel angle plug, one nickel angle plug
    This cable comes with NICKEL plated plugs, one straight and one angled.
  • Gold plating or silver nickel plating: Your choice.
  • Considered the best-designed, most rugged plug on the market.
  • Gold plating or nickel plating prevents signal loss by corrosion.
  • Semi-conductive cable layer that stops microphonics and extraneous noise.
  • Thick synthetic rubber insulation not cheap thin vinyl.
  • Perfectly soldered connections, with any exposed wire always tinned and then hand-insulated — three layers inside the sraight plugs.
  • Kink-resistant cable bends easily, unlike other thick unwieldy "frozen-spaghetti" cables.
  • No uncleanable fabric covering to fray and become disgustingly dirty and stinky.
  • Each cable takes 56 separate steps to assemble BY HAND, like point-to-point wiring in a coveted vintage guitar amp.
  • FAST manufacture and delivery
  • All questions cheerfully and personally answered: We care about our customers and our cables!
  • Both shield and hot wires are hand twisted before soldering to stop wire furring.
  • EVERY single finished cable is carefully inspected, tested with a multimeter and even tested with a real guitar by a real person!