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Cable construction FAQs

Using what cable is like rubbing your
hands on a smanky restroom floor?

Q: Why don't you use jacks that twist and lock the cable in place to keep it from being pulled out of the plug?
A: When was the last time you broke a cable by pulling the cable out of a plug? Never, right? A DVCC cable is solidly soldered to the plug innards, to use technical speak.Nice plug!!! There's no way you're gonna pull that sucker free unless you tie the plug to a phone pole; tie the wire to a car bumper; and then then drive off in the car.

Q: Why no cloth
covered cables?

A: Our cables last next to forever. Some fabric coverings can fray. Eventually it makes the cable look like a dust kitty sausage. People would laugh you off the stage if you plugged that thing into your guitar.

Further, let's face it, guitar cables spend most of their time on the floor, the same floor that people are walking on after leaving the restroom. And you know what's on the floor of a restroom.

You can wipe down a cable if it's covered with synth rubber or even vinyl, but you can't clean fabric covering a guitar cable. That means, you are essentially rubbing your hands on the floor of a restroom every time you coil up that vintage cloth-covered cable. Nice, huh?

What's more, what happens when you rub fabric on plastic? You get static electricity. We've heard more than one musician tell us that they can hear static "pops" when a fabric-covered cable is rubbed just right. Now, of course, a fabric-covered guitar cable does have that vintage look to it, which may be extremely important to you. But we don't think it's worth the risk of catching who-knows-what from a restroom floor or risking a big static pop in the middle of your guitar solo.

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